Ya still dip? better get a new cover!

TLO Case Cover with Oil Window

Check Your Oil!


Why do some engines come with an oil dipstick instead of an oil window? We don't know! But it sucks...

That's why we offer the oil case cover for your YFZ450R engine. Just change the stock cover against the TLO cover and you can easily see the oil level and oil condition.


TLO Case Cover with Oil Window

Everything you need


The case cover comes with everything you need: Cover, window, black screws & gasket.

It's 40mm high and carries approx. 200ml more oil.

Only weighs 200g.


  • Check oil level on big window
  • Increase engine oil volume
  • Billet from aluminium + hard anodising
  • Matt grey design
  • Comes with gasket & screws
  • Only 200g